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Alain Lamas – Time to relax

Another fresh week and time to see Alain Lamas at play once more today. As you know, the guy here is always ready to play kinky and show off and he does his best to parade his superb body for you in every single scene that he shows off to you all. And we hope as well that this site of his has become your go to place to come and check out when you want to see some superb scenes with a hot stud like him getting around to be as naughty and kinky as he wants too. So in today’s show let’s see him take to his back yard once more and see him relax and unwind as he shows off his goods to you once again. AlainLamas always knows how to entice you!

alain-lamas-time-to-relaxWell to begin the whole thing, the sexy Alain gets to strip off and this scene also has a bonus video if you want to check it out as well. But anyway, coming back to the guy, yes he has a strip session to start off and you can watch that body of his with all those perfectly shaped muscles getting to be showed off as the clothes come off him more and more, until his dick gets to take center stage again. Check out the sensual and sexy poses he does for you too and once he’s done watch him take his time to get another tan in the sun. We hope that you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you soon with more, but you can also check out the past updates with him for instant gratification!Also you can click here if you want to see some sexy shemales masturbating!

Watch here hot Alain stripping off!

Alain Lamas – Legs Workout

Hey there guys and gals, and allow us to welcome you to another new Alain Lamas scene here this week with the stud himself as always. You know that he’s always down to show off his body or other things that he does and it’s always a treat even if he doesn’t end up all nude and stroking his cock fast and hard and moaning as he shoots a sticky load. Anyway, in today’s scene, the guy is showing off another gym session and it’s incredibly hot to look at as well, mostly because he looks so smoking hot with just shorts on. But anyway, let’s get to see those muscles trained today and put of display for you and watch AlainLamas be himself as usual!

He enters the gym and goes to the lockers to leave the other things there like the rest of his clothes, as he likes to see most of his body while he’s working out. Anyway, today is mostly leg day, but he cannot just skip over the other routines. So after some warm-up and some upper body exercises, you can see him going to the part that interests him, which are the legs and you can see plenty of these images with those muscled calves getting worked on. We bet that you adored the time you get to watch him work out today and you will be happy to know that there will be even more amazing scenes to see like this in the future. Click here if you wanna see some sexy trannies showing off their hot bodies!


Enjoy watching Alain exposing his amazing body!

A New Beginning

It’s that time of the week again and we promised you some more Alain Lamas action today too didn’t we? Well we are here to deliver on that promise and you can see the muscular man get wild and kinky all by himself in front of the cameras and you today. As always, he gets to play solo, but that doesn’t mean his scenes aren’t kinky at all. He’s actually very very good at showing off his nasty side and he makes sure to always do that on camera so that you all may see it as well. Anyway, let’s get to sit back and relax as we get to see another Lamas classic update with him just taking his time to please himself on the bed!


It seems that he mounted a nice and big mirror on the side of the bed here and as most times he’s only wearing his underpants to start off this show. He does all the bodybuilding poses on the bed as he looks at himself in the mirror and just like you guys, he likes what he sees. So naturally, all of this posing and flexing gets him hard and exited so then, still checking himself out in the mirror, you get to see the guy jacking off in all sorts of crazy positions too. There’s a lot to see, so make sure that you don’t skip over a single image in his glorious gallery here today if you want to see some pretty steamy and gorgeous things!

Check out hot Alain showing off his worked out body!

Alain Lamas – Hairy Hole

Since you guys and ladies adored seeing Alain Lamas get to be kinky in his bedroom some updates ago, he decided to make an encore of that little show and play naughty by himself in the bedroom today as well. Sit back and check out the guy getting to be as naughty as he wants in the privacy of his own place in his own bedroom today. That is quite good for him as he doesn’t have to worry about anyone catching him in the act and really, he doesn’t care but you know, common decency and all that. So, as AlainLamas gets ready, you can bet that you can see the guy putting on some more nasty shows for you to see with him this afternoon!

That bedroom was just waiting for him to take a rest and get to relax and as soon as he gets all settled in he takes off his underwear and starts to do that glorious and sexy posing for you all to see. You get to explore every inch of that muscled stud’s body as he gets to show off and he knows it. This time however as he bends over he wants you to get to see his hairy ass hole too, and on top of that you can see him teasing it and himself essentially. Like the guys from Jason Sparks‘s blog this hot dude loves jerking off in front of the video camera! Do sit back and take your time to explore the whole thing and we’ll be back real soon with another one of Alain’s hot scenes and glorious sexual adventures as per usual!


Take a look at Alain wanking off his dick!

New York City Workout

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and hot Alain Lamas scene with the hot stud getting down and dirty. It looks like everyone’s favorite hunk has traveled to NY today to visit some friends and he wanted to take the opportunity to get to go to one of the local gyms too. Of course, he went there at a later hour as he wanted to have the place mostly to himself to play in. And so, you can take your time to see the superbly hot muscled hunk as he gets around to have some fun working out and then showing his bulging muscles on that naked bod of his too. We know you want to see AlainLamas in some naughty action as well so let’s get it going!


Well we should mention that he’s also good friends with the owner too, so that’s why the guy was okay with him setting up a cam after everyone mostly left and then posed for it and got naked. They go way back and he knows that Alain is a stud that enjoys getting kinky. So anyway, after the workout, you can see Alain as he gets around to drop the shorts he has on as well and present you all with that majestic cock of his too. Watch some pretty sweet and sexy moments of him posing around all nude from all angles so that you may see everything and enjoy it. He’s going to be coming back pretty soon with another scene for you as well!

Check out Alain showing off his six pack!

Alain Lamas – Beach Running

Well hello there and welcome to this week’s Alain Lamas scene featuring the stud himself in more lovely action. This time the guy had more free time to kill and since he’s close to the seaside, you will get to watch this hot hunk taking his time to play at the beach today. He did start out originally with a whole workout routine and whatnot, but it seems that the stud got a tad too horny for his own good, and you know what happens when the juicy AlainLamas  gets horny. He gets to touch himself and masturbate, and you will get to see him do that in a nice and private part of this beach side. So let’s just get the cameras rolling and see the action!

It was the beach anyway, so this was the perfect chance for him to let everyone enjoy having a good long look at his smoking hot body today. So as he starts his jog, because that’s how he’ll travel to said secluded spot, he does catch the eyes of lots of babes and guys too. And he’s quite proud of it, as he should be. Anyway, once there, see the shorts fly off of his person and that dick that got nice and hard now standing at attention. Enjoy the show with the guy stroking his cock fast and hard once again for you after his nice little beach jog session and do come back around next week to see even more glorious and sexy scenes with him!


Check out Alain showing off his great body at the beach!

Alain Playing on the Bed

Today’s hot scene brings you more of the stud Alain Lamas in action and he gets to be even naughtier than usual. The stud is all ready to show off some juicy and nasty scenes as he gets to play on camera this week and he has a superb solo session for you to check out this time. He was getting pretty horny this afternoon and he had to do something about it already, and he came up with the perfect solution, which was of course to get to jack off, but he set up his camera too so that you may get to see him do it live too. So let’s get to see Alain in action already for this one as he gets to masturbate fast and hard for your viewing pleasure everyone!

playing-on-the-bedAlain went straight to his bedroom to do all this and once in there you can see him setting up the small acmera first and foremost. After that he gets to put on a nice and classy strip show for you all to see and reveals that hot bod inch by inch too. Soon enough he’s all naked and ready to get to play for your viewing pleasure and his too. So see him bending over with the last sensual pose he does and then see him switch to laying on his back with his cock all nice and hard now. Watch the guy grab hold of it and see him stroking his meat hard style for the rest of this amazing scene and we’ll be seeing you all again soon with another gallery as well. Also you might enter the site and see some big cocked shemales masturbating on the camera!

Take a look at Alain jerking off his dick!

Alain Lamas – Nude in the Bathroom

Hey there again everyone. Are you ready to get to see more Alain Lamas this week? well you’d better be as the sexy muscled hunk has more sensual and sexy galleries to reveal to you all while he gets busy in the bathroom for this one. So yeah, the title is pretty spot on with this one as the stud plays around and we bet that you will just adore it. The guy figured you’d never seen his post bathing ritual and he thought it was time to let you check it out today. With that in mind let’s get to sit back and watch the hot and horny Mr AlainLamas as he gets to show off his body all nice and wet after the shower today shall we?

Rest assured that Alain knows 100% how good he looks and that’s why he’s always superbly happy to get to show off to you all and the cameras. All out of the shower as we said and all nice and wet too. The guy grabs a towel and starts going through the motions to get dry, but you most definitely want to see him having fun with it. And he does by teasing you as he starts to dry himself off with the towel in some very sensual ways too. So have fun seeing him having some pretty naughty fun here this week and we’ll be back soon enough with another glorious and hot update for you all to check out and the guy himself!


Watch here Alain posing completely naked!

Summer Tanning

Well hello there guys. Mr Alain Lamas wants to welcome you back to another one of his sexy scenes here today and he plans on having lots and lots of fun this afternoon. It was a nice and sunny summer day, so naturally the guy wanted to get to have a tan. So of course, since he has a back yard pool, it was the perfect time for him to get to do some sunbathing and get a tan for this afternoon for that superb body of his. So let’s not waste time and get this show going as we get to see Alain Lamas show off his sexy naked curves for you once again. And this time in broad daylight as well of all things. So let the show commence!


The scene begins with our stud making his way to the recliners in the back yard as soon as he walks out of the house and sporting only that men’s swimwear underwear on him too. Check him out having a nice dip in the pool as well to cool off and then you get to see him taking his time to show off his body while he’s tanning. Oh, and he also gets to remove the swimwear as well. As the guy wants a nice and uniform tan all over that smoking hot body of his this afternoon without fail. So anyway, enjoy it as always, and see you all next week with another one of his juicy galleries and more of him in action. Enjoy!

Take a look at Alain exposing his hot body!

Alain Lamas – After Workout

Alain Lamas is here with more juicy action for you to check out and he knows that he’s going to have your attention for this one. That’s because he gets to expose his hot body some more on camera today and you just need to check him out playing naughty. The stud took the time to go to the gym to maintain that beautiful physique of course and you can see him in this one as he gets to play nasty a bit all by himself in the locker room. Let’s get those cameras rolling already as we bet that you are eager to see the one and only AlainLamas show off his naked body to you and the cameras once more for this simply glorious afternoon scene here!

So as we said, this whole thing takes place after his workout routine today. And as he goes into the lockers, the guy starts to undress and expose that body for the cameras. he knows you’ve taken an interest to watching now, so he gets to it really really slowly so he can tease you as much as he wants too. But anyway, eventually, he’s all naked and ready to hit the showers, but first, he can be seen getting to jerk off on his big cock a bit. After that and shooting his load he was ready to do it, so just go and watch the guy have some fun today. We’ll return next week once again and we’ll have some pretty new and fresh updates with Alain here!


Take a look at Alain stripping off after his workout!