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Enjoy watching our exciting Alain Lamas videos because he has the most sexy body and he is not afraid to show it. Watch him showing off his well built body and flexing his muscles and abs  on the stairs in a building close to Empire State Building, a crowded place where many people can walk by and see him. Check him out jerking off and blowing his fat load all over those sexy abs today guys. The Raging Stallion wanted to present you with this nice and hot update of him having some more solo fun with his body and cock. And it was to serve as thanks for being his adoring fans.

As the scene starts, he goes all out to get naked and you can watch him flexing and tensing his big muscles for you. Once more he wants to make sure that you get a nice and clean look at his superb body as he gets naughty and wild. And after he’s done, he lays on his back and masturbating, but in addition to that you get to see the stud in a nice and hot update that has him roaming around the city and telling you more about himself. But this superb video finishes off with our dude jerking off and blowing another hot and big load all over himself! Have fun watching this great video and if you liked it come inside hot older male and watch other horny guys fucking each others asses!


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Alain Lamas – Outdoor fun

Watch Alain Lamas naked outdoors showing off his incredibly hot body in the sun while he was taking a walk with her sexy girlfriend on a beautiful day to the sea. He thought to himself why not jerking off outdoors so he had his girl film him stoking his cock. She also helped him out till he blew his creamy fat load all over himself. He decided that it was too cramped inside of the house and some outdoor time would serve him well. Of course he ends up taking his camera with him with the excuse that maybe he’ll catch something nice to shoot.

But you and us know full well why he took it with him. He wanted to do a nice self pleasing session outdoors and you guys would get to see the show too. For his nice little set he chose a remote part of a beach where no one was roaming around, making a perfect spot for him to get naughty and wild. Watch him as he takes off his underpants and shorts once more for your pleasure. And watch him playing with his cock in the open air today. Then he gets to the serious business as he starts to stroke his dick fast and hard to show off his skills once more! If you liked him visit blog and enjoy watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the cam!

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Flesh Jack and Cockyness

Check out this amazing Alain Lamas video gallery and get your dose of flashjack and oil fun together with him, while he talks dirty to you. During all this watch him getting really turned on by that tight flashjack while he is fingering his asshole and blasting his huge load inside of it. This particular flashjack is actually called a fleshlight and it’s a common male just like the guys from hotoldermale videos pleasing toy nowadays that you can get in all shapes and sizes. And you can have one with the shape of the pussy of your favorite porn star too. Well either way let’s get our dude’s scene started and see what he has to offer to you today.

Again he sits in his chair and he’s ready to show off his sexual prowess. He’s already naked and ready to get things started as he lays on his back in the chair and whips out his fleshlight as he starts to oil up his dick for the next part of the session today. And as he learned to also maximize his pleasure by finger fucking his ass last time, today you get to watch the stud finger fucking his tight ass as he fucks his sex toys for your viewing pleasure everybody. Sit back and watch his show and expect more from him as always next week!

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Alain Lamas Fucking

Have fun watching Alain Lamas fucking around on his bed, as he goes wild and crazy during one of his exciting cam shows. He is thrusting his hips and slowly takes down his sexy boxer briefs. He sits down and opens his legs wide lifting them in the air so you can see him fingering his tight hairy asshole. He heard that guys can get allot more pleasure when they fuck if they have something stuck in their ass. And to test that theory today, your hunk comes back with a nice and hot self anal finger fucking session. And let’s watch him.

The scene starts off with him doing just his regular tease for everyone as he takes off his clothes to reveal his big and hot muscled body along with his cock. He is looking just like the guys from nextdoorbuddies galleries. And after playing a bit with it on the bed, you can watch him as he slowly makes his way to his ass. As his girlfriend isn’t here to help him today, he has to do it himself, and you can watch him as he slowly starts to finger fuck himself in the ass. He continues to finger his ass and he also starts to stroke his cock faster and harder until he blows his jizz load. Well the verdict is that the rumors were true!

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Alain Lamas Fucked

Watch Alain Lamas fucked by his sexy hot girlfriend during an amazing cam show. She loves his ripped muscled body and gets so turned on every time she is near him. When she watched him doing a cam show for his alainlamas site, she gets so excited that she takes his hard cock in her tight pussy fucks him hard in his chair. Well to be fair, this slutty and sexy lady is just as naught and perverted like her boyfriend, and this fine day riding his cock in front of the camera didn’t even faze her. You will get to see this cutie as she rides this dude’s cock hard and fast for this whole afternoon today.

As we bring another update featuring this hot stud, you can see today that he’s not just into the all gay stuff. He says that he’s bi, and by fucking his lady for this update he proves that he enjoys pussy just as much as stroking his big cock any day. sadly she’ll have to go soon and he’ll be all alone once more. But for now just sit back and watch him entertain himself as he’s giving her a nice and hard cock pounding until she orgasms and cums. We’re sure that you’ll love this hot scene today and let’s hope we’ll see more of his woman soon! For similar galleries visit website! See you soon, friends!

alain fucked by his girlfriend

Watch Alain getting fucked by his sexy horny girlfriend!

Alain Lamas pictures

Check out this Alain Lamas pictures taken during one of his crazy cam shows after he had few drinks. He started feeling tipsy and horny so he decided to play along and show off his hot body. He put on quite a show as you can see, so enjoy him playing with his nice big cock. Well anyway, you know that this horny dude is always ready to put on a good show for everyone as soon as the cameras start to roll. Watch him as he starts off his show with some nice dancing as he is all tipsy. She is looking just like the guys from baitbuddies galleries. Then he goes to his trusty chair as you’ll see.

And you know what that means. He was all ready to show off some more skin as he took of his underwear to reveal his perfect butt and big cock at PornInsights. And he doesn’t shy away from showing them off to you today. Watch his strip show and then sit back and enjoy as you get to see him get to the good part today. He starts to stroke his cock once more and so you know you’ll be in for another superb masturbation show this fine afternoon. We’re hoping that you enjoyed this studs’ superb performance for the afternoon and rest assured we’ll have more of him coming next week!

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Cock worship

Alain Lamas just moved to his new place and he wants to show it to all of his fans, but his place is not the only thing he will show in this video gallery. He love to tease his fans so much and he just cant stay dressed in front of the cam. With a hot and muscled body like his who would? He gets horny and takes out his nicely shaved rock hard cock for a quick play. And you guys will get to enjoy his big dick once more in this update as he shows off that smoking hot body of his along with it just for you.

alain showing his shaved balls

Again he can be seen wearing his blue underwear, and he’s eager to get the show started. Well rather his cock is eager but he in turn gets eager as well. Watch as he displays his sexy bod once more and watch his nice solo posing for you. Then you get to see him stroke on that cock once more as he wants to shoot his load all over himself once more in this update. We bet that you’ll love him either way for today and as usual rest assured that he’ll be back next week with even more of his superb scenes for you. Enjoy and if you liked this check out some great clothed men naked men galleries inside website. See you soon!

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Red jockstrap tease

Alain Lamas looks amazing in this next pictorial, he is in an amazing shape. Watch his showing off his sexy red jockstraps while flexing his amazingly hot muscled body. He shows off his sexy abs and you can see how vascular and ripped his body is. He gets really turned on so he pops out his cock and stokes it till he blasts a nice load all over his new underwear today. He makes a fine point to show them off thoroughly first, and you get to watch him as he gets to pose around all naughty and sexy for your viewing pleasure everyone!

As the cameras start to roll, you get to watch him showing off his red underwear, and watch him posing around while having fun with his body. Watch as then he takes his spot on the chair once more as he’s really eager to have some more fun masturbating. He does that still wearing his panties and you get to watch him jerking off fast and hard until he blows his load all over those new jockstraps. We hope you enjoyed it and make sure that you also check out his past updates to see some more hot scenes of him and his big cock! If you liked this guy visit blog and watch other hot guys getting naked in front of the cam!

alain flexing his muscles

See him flexing his muscles and stroking that hard cock!

Alainlamas – Hot ass

Check out this amazing Alainlamas video scene where he is showing his incredibly hot round bubble butt in front of the camera for his horny fans. He really likes to tease his male friends by thrusting his hips and shaking the sexy butt, then later he shows off his yummy asshole to you guys. For this one scene he also decided to show you around his house, and rest assured that you won’t be seeing just that. As you know he’s super horny and when he needs to please himself there’s nothing that can stand in his way. Not that it could anyway.

As he takes you for the tour, he keeps taking off more and more of his clothes until he’s naked, and as he starts to jerk off while walking through the house he realizes that he simply has to do the job properly. So he takes you guys back to his room, where he lays the camera on the ground while he shows off his sexy butt to you all. Of course he continues his jerking off session as you get to see a nice view from behind him. See him stroking that big dick one more time today and enjoy the show he offers everyone. And if you liked him click here and have fun watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the cam!

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Alain Lamas – In the shower

Alain Lamas is really naughty and horny in this next scene taken from one of his amazing cams how. Watch him getting in the shower and his muscles getting soaked in the hot water. He is flexing his well-built body and get turned on so he strokes his rock hard cock until he blows a huge load of cum. He wanted to take the time and please his hot body once more in the hot shower as water would pour down his body after a nice and long day at the gym working out. So let’s not waste anymore time and just see him get to work shall we?

alain jerking in the shower

As the cameras start to roll, you see the stud making his entry to the scene and starting to take off his clothes to reveal that hot body that everyone loves to see. He’s looking great, just like the guys from chaosmen galleries. He gets under the shower, and just like his last scene he takes the time to tease you with his muscles as he plays around. But soon even he gets too horny to hold back, and goes straight for his dick. Watch this stud do one more self pleasing show for you as he strokes his big cock and enjoy the superb show. Let’s hope that it won’t be too long until his next scene! Also you might visit the site and see some gorgeous men masturbating for the cam!

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